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Climbing at Sundenuten

Explore the thrill of climbing at Sundenuten, Telemark's renowned field. Family-friendly, diverse terrains, and breathtaking views await.

Sundenuten climbing field stands as a relatively new but already well-renowned climbing area, opened to the public in 2018. The field is situated on an impressive 110-meter-high and 400-meter-wide wall. Here, climbers encounter an exciting terrain with the potential for approximately 100 routes, ranging in heights from 10 to 100 meters and distributed across 1 to 4 rope lengths.

Family-Friendly and close to nature
Sundenuten climbing field not only attracts experienced climbers but also families and beginners. Here, you'll find an idyllic shelter and a designated fireplace area, perfect for taking a break or gathering with family. Access is easy, just a 10-minute walk from the parking lot.

Varied terrain and spectacular views
Sundenuten climbing field distinguishes itself with diverse features, primarily carved into granite. Climbers can explore everything from edges, pockets, and cracks to challenging overhangs and boulders. The location, now a popular hiking destination, offers an outstanding view of Kviteseidbygda and Fyresdalsfjella.

Tips for a successful climbing experience
- Wet and slippery conditions, especially during spring and autumn, require extra preparation.
- Be mindful of loose stones in the field.
- If you're a beginner, always bring along an experienced climber for a safer and more enjoyable experience.


Source: Vest Telemark


Climbing at Sundenuten

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