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Cycle and Culture

Combine a cycle tour with exciting cultural experiences!

Cycle and Culture - combine a cycle tour with exciting cultural experiences!

Hyllestad – Fjaler - Askvoll

Kvernsteinsparken – Den Trondhjemske Postvei – Jakob Sande-tunet – Dalsfjordbrua – Ingolf Arnarson – Helle Fabrikker

You can take the express boat to Rysjedalsvika, and cycle from here to Leirvik. Here you can have lunch or dinner at Hotel Sognefjord, next to the fjord. Cycle FV 57 north towards Dale. Part of the road you can cycle along the old Trondheim Postal Road, built 1801-1806, with beautiful stone bridges. The quality of the road varies, from forest road to gravel road, and some places you will have to get off the bike and walk.

If you take a short detour after passing Leirvik, you can visit the Mill Stone Park in Hyllestad. The mill stone quarries is nominated to UNESCO`s world heritage list. Here you can join a guided tour during the summer – see www. for opening hours.

Dale is a small, cosy village, with shops, cafès, accomodation and many surrounding marked trails. You can also visit the birth place of Jakob Sande, a well known Norwegian poet (1906-67).

From Dale you cycle over the Dalsfjord Bridge (built 2013), and further along the Dalsfjord towards Askvoll. In Rivedal, you can take a rest at the statue of Ingolf Arnarsson, the first man to settle in Iceland. In Holmedal we recommend you visit the fabric outlet of Helle Fabrikker (produces handcrafted knives). From Holmedal we recommend you to cycle the old road along the fjord to Askvoll.

Arriving Askvoll, you should pay a visit to "Askvoll Sjømat og Delikatesser", a little shop that sells quality local food and delicacies. It´s hard not to be tempted! 

From Askvoll you can take the express boat further both north and south. You can also take the ferry to Værlandet, Atløy or Fure.


Rysjedalsvika – Leirvik:                                      6,6 km

Leirvik – Hyllestad:                                             7,0 km

Leirvik – Dale:                                                    41,1 km

Dale – Holmedal:                                               14,3 km

Holmedal – Askvoll (langs fjorden):                   10,2 km

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Cycle and Culture

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