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Cycle in the Middle of Telemark

Mid-Telemark is a Cyclist welcome destination. This means that we make special arrangements for cycle tourists who want to come to our area.

The area has several selected cyclist welcome businesses that take particularly good care of you who travel on two wheels.

Cyclist welcome companies:
Beverøya Camping
Brukås Sport 
First Camp - Bø
Bø Museum
Evju Bygdetun
Kanalferie AS

Here there are cycle tours for every level of difficulty, with everything from asphalt, gravel and trail cycling.

If you don't have a bicycle but want to discover Midt-Telemark and the surrounding area by bicycle, there are bicycle rentals at:

Bicycle rental:
Telemark canal camping - tel. 915 75 421

We have collected the best cycle tours here, there you will also find a map of cycle tours in the fruit village

Source: Visit Bø


Cycle in the Middle of Telemark

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