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Indre Østfold

Cycle the Unionsleden

Newly opened cycle path - Unionsleden in exciting and varied nature. You cross the border between Norway and Sweeden.

Do you enjoy an active holiday the best?

Now you can cycle parts of the Union Trail from the train station in Moss to Ørje. The cycle route goes all the way to Karlstad, but because the border now is closed there will be a stop in Ørje.

The Unionsleden (Unionsleden) from Moss to Karlstad which opens in the summer of 2021 goes through Indre Østfold. The bike route has not yet been officially opened, but it is signposted, so you can go for a ride.

The Union Trail goes through a rolling natural landscape with beautiful lakes and woodland, and when you cycle you have plenty of time to see the landscape and the little unique gems that emerge along the route. The shared historical legacy of union time and other important historical events are woven in. Spydeberg vicarage to name one - Here our constitution was saved. The best-documented 18th-century garden can also be found here. Other sights we can mention Solbergfoss Power Station, Høytorp Fort, Halden Canal, etc.


In reality only possible by bus from Karlstad to Töcksfors - cycle to Mysen - approx. 24 km, bus to Oslo. From Oslo - train to Moss.
Use a train or bus to the starting point / return journey. There may be limited departures or access to public transport during the course.

Flixbus has a route between Oslo and Karlstad, here it is in reality not possible to bring a bicycle. They don't take electric bikes, tandem bikes. the only thing is folding bicycles as special luggage between Karlstad - Oslo. From Oslo to Moss, it is possible to order and take it on the train.

Bus: see here

Train: See here

With "Värmlandstrafik" it is possible to order and take the bike on the bus from Karlstad to Töcksfors (15 June – 15 August). The next train station on the Norwegian side where it is possible to take the bicycle on the train is Mysen, 24 km from Töcksfors. No other connections possible across the border where it is possible to bring the bike unfortunately, unless you cycle this part of the route.

Facts Unionsleden
The trail runs on the Norwegian side from Moss-Våler-Spydeberg-Askim-Mysen-Ørje. There is also a northern route that runs around Trøgstad.

Nice around trip on the Norwegian side
Take the train to Moss - take the northern track to Ørje, and the southern track back to Askim and the train to Oslo.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Cycle the Unionsleden

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