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Day trip cabin in Hyllestad - Sørefjordhytta

The day tour cabin in Hyllestad is located by the lake Sørefjord, and is a perfect hike for the whole family

The day trip cabin in Hyllestad is beautifully located by the Sørefjordvatnet and with a view towards Lihesten and out over the Åfjord. The cabin is named after the lake it is located by.

Where is Sørefjordhytta located?

Dagsturhytta Sørefjordhytta is located by Sørefjordvatnet and has a lovely view of Lihesten and the surrounding nature.

How do I get to Sørefjordhytta?

There are three alternative routes:

Parking at Akse

Drive from Hyllestad in the direction of Leirvik/Rysjedalsvika. After approx. After 3.5 km you will come to a junction where you turn off for Birkeland. Furthermore, you drive approx. 1.5 km before you turn off to Akse. After approx. After 1 km you will arrive at the marked parking lot for the day trip cabin.

Parking in Hyllestad

Park at the Spar store/sports track in Hyllestad. Close to the Myklebust field, you go to the top of Myklebustlia. The path to the day trip cabin starts here.


From Hyllestad centre/municipal hall, drive approx. 11.5 km in the direction of Fjaler. At the top of Øvråshøgda, turn left twice. From the main road to Mørketjønnbotnen, it is approx. 1 km. There is room for a few cars in Mørketjønnbotnen, otherwise you can park right after the exit on Øvråshøgda.


The day tour cabin is open all year round. In winter, when the path is covered with snow and ice, you have to make a decision, even if you are fit to walk. We do not recommend the trip when there is snow and ice for inexperienced hikers.

Tour description to the day tour cabinFrom Akse

About 25 minutes walking time to the cabin. This path is best if children are on the trip. Follow the cart road to past the farm Veslelia. Furthermore, it goes through forest, then rocky cliffs and ridges. About 1 km from Akse to the cabin

From the center of Hyllestad

It will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the cabin. This path is marked with signs from the Spar store in Hyllestad. About 4.7 km from the center to the cabin

From Øvråshøgda/Mørketjønnbotn (side road)

The trip takes about 50 minutes. Follow the dirt road towards Markhus. Then turn left after 500 meters and follow the road to Mørketjørna. Furthermore, the path goes west. About 2.3 km from Øvråshøgda to the cabin

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Day trip cabin in Hyllestad - Sørefjordhytta

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