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Destination Sjusjøen - Experience the nature

About Destination Sjusjøen
D​​​​​​estination Sjusjøen is the travel industry’s common policy organ, product coordinator and spearhead in the marketing of the Sjusjøen destination. Destination Sjusjøen works with the clear goal of strengthening Sjusjøen’s attractiveness and market position.

If you plan a visit to Sjusjøen, Destination Sjusjøen’s home page will cover most your informational needs.

Where is Sjusjøen?
Sjusjøen is located 25 minutes from Lillehammer and is a very popular area both summer and winter. The location of Sjusjøen is nothing less than outstanding for any nature enthusiast.

Summer at Sjusjøen 
During the summer Sjusjøen offers fantastic hiking and biking routes as well as canoeing possibilities. The vast network of trails is of course clearly marked.

Should you fancy biking in challenging terrain, feel free to test your skills in Sjusjøen Mountain Bike Park. Here you may experience skill-tracks, gravel roads and a pump-track. The park offers rental of high-quality bikes suited for use in the park by guests of all ages. A couple of other exciting activity you should try during the summer is dog sleighing on gravelled roads, and biathlons on roller-skis in Hardstyle.
Winter at Sjusjøen
​​​​​​Sjusjøen has been elected as Norway’s best cross-country skiing destination several times. With 350 kilometres of prepared Skiing tracks, it’s an outright Eldorado for cross country skiers. network. Sjusjøen Skiing Centre is a superb alternative if you rather prefer to og downhill skiing, sporting suitable slopes for the entire family.

Welcome to memorable nature experiences in destination Sjusjøen!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Destination Sjusjøen - Experience the nature

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