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Devil’s Punch Bowl and Tiurtoppen – Ringerike

Devil’s Punch Bowl and Tiurtoppen – Ringerike
The Devil's Punch Bowl and Tiurtoppen are among Ringerike’s most popular hikes. Do one or both – the choice is yours.  

The full round-trip is approx. 5.6 km long and starts by the DNT Friluftshuset car park in Åsa, next to the Montessori school. Follow the road and then the blue-marked trail leading up towards Valebekken. Cross the idyllic bridge over Valebekken by the beautiful waterfalls. Continue along the trail leading up to Grenda in Åsa, and enjoy the spectacular views. As you reach the houses, the trail turns a sharp left and continues up towards Valebekken. There are some climbs along the way, but the trail is of excellent quality and the views are stunning.

As you approach Valebekken, you reach the bridge located just below the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Cross the bridge and turn right to follow the trail leading uphill. After a steep climb of only a few metres, you will reach the legendary Punch Bowl. This is the ideal spot for a break before you continue your hike. The terrain is very steep and requires some extra attention, particularly when walking with young children.  

Continue uphill, past the old, uprooted tree blocking the trail. After a few metres, turn left and follow the trail leading downhill towards Elgsgrav. From there, continue down to Tiurtoppen – a spectacular vantage point with views of Steinsfjorden and Holebygda. 

Spending the night at Tiurtoppen is popular, and there are plenty of crocked trees from which to hang your hammock. Bring a camping stove, a bit of chocolate, and some mosquito repellent or a mosquito net, and you have everything you need for a fantastic overnight stay in the wilderness.​​​Alternatively, follow the trail back down to your car and return to your own comfortable bed. 

- Tiurtoppen only – an easy trip, suitable for children from 5-6 years old

- Both hikes – see map and website

Source: Visit Innlandet


Devil’s Punch Bowl and Tiurtoppen – Ringerike

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