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Diving in Nordfjord

Nordfjord is the perfect place for diving, whether scuba diving or freediving. Winter diving in Nordfjord promises exciting underwater adventures and excellent visibility.

Lots of people brave the winter cold in Nordfjord to experience the clear visibility. Even on windy winter days, diving off the coast is more interesting than you might think. Beneath the grey surface of the sea, the kelp forest teems with life with countless species of fish, crabs, anemones, and other interesting beasts. An excellent starting point for diving in the Nordfjord is Kalvåg in Bremanger. Divers come to Kalvåg from far and wide to experience the lush landscape. During winter, clear visibility is up to 50 metres and the sensation this gives you really must by experienced. Diving for scallops and cod is also common among both visitors and locals. Kalvåg is known for being packed with scallops.

For easy access to incredible diving locations, just rent a boat from Knutholmen. If you would rather dive from land without a boat, Rota in Gamle Smørhamn is recommended. This is a lush wall dive.

You can refill your oxygen tank in Florø, which is just 30 minutes by boat from Kalvåg.

All diving in Nordfjord is done at your own risk.

Last updated: 10/02/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Diving in Nordfjord

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