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"Dosabu" Stormwatching cabin

Visit the Stormwatching cabin in Bremanger. Here can you get a panoramic view of the big sea without getting wet. The Stormwatching cabin is part of the "Stormwatching" concept.

The cabin is located on the edge of the rocky terrain on Frøya, west of Kalvåg with panoramic views to the great sea. Placement is carefully planned in the terrain with regard to views, interventions in nature and material use. It takes about an hour to get to the cabin, but it's well worth it. The view is impeccable. The cabin is open all the time and is open to everyone.

Bremanger is a paradise for sea eagles, and maybe you are lucky and catch a sight of these majestic birds. Bring food and drink, and enjoy a violent storm or a beautiful sunset while sitting warm and well inside.

Source: Nordfjord


"Dosabu" Stormwatching cabin

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