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Eggenipa - Mountain tour

Join us on a guided roundtrip to the spectacular Eggenipa. The mountain is famous for its pyramid form, and an amazing view. Eggenipa is a physically demanding trip, including some steep parts that require you to use your hands. Our guide will do everything he/she can to make the trip as safe as possible, and help you in parts where you may feel unsafe. Our guide will also tell stories from the local history, bring some local snacks and make sure that you get the best experience possible. We are also offering other hikes and activities, so please feel free to contact us so we can help you fulfill your dream vacation.

“When the Egyptian first saw Eggenipa, they started to tear down their own pyramids in Shame” - Local legend.
Eggenipa truly is a popular destination for its iconic pyramid shape, and makes it a popular destination for photographs, hiking and the view!
Eggenipa is a trip that’s moderately demanding, and some parts of the trip will be steep on both sides. That’s why we require that the guest is familiar with mountain hiking and is in a good physical shape. High shoes that support your ancle are also required. The lower age limit is 12 years, but this is negotiable if you contact us in advance.
The guide will take the safest route and do his/her best to make sure that all of you feel safe during this beautiful trip.
Eggenipa roundtrip:
Hight: 2953 feet / 900m Incline and decline
Length: 7 miles / 11 km total
Price: 1 190 NOK
Price for children under 18 years and students: 1 090 NOK
Must bring:
• Hiking shoes that support your ancle. Jogging shoes and low hiking shoes are not allowed!
• Backpack (Big enough to carry all the equipment inside).
• Clothing that suits the weather.
• Water- and windproof jacket.
• A big lunch and some snacks.
• 1 Liter of water.
• A warm hat and gloves.
• Wool or a warm sweater.
• Sunglasses and sunscreen.
• Personal medication if this is relevant to you.
Can bring (optional):
• Camera
• Mat to sit on
• Walking sticks (recommended)
• Local guide
• A taste from the local snacks
• First aid and safety equipment

The trip takes approximately 7 hours all together.

Source: Nordfjord


Eggenipa - Mountain tour

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