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At the Red Cross Center - Eidene there is room for every occasion and in many settings - each with its own charm.

The kitchen is renowned for its delicious food and they offer a wide range in their menus.

“Gamlehuset” was originally the main house on Eidene and was built in 1720. It is thus one of Tjøme's oldest log houses and has a lot of history.
Here you can have a banquet in stately and pleasant surroundings.
The house has a dining room, lounge, kitchen and wardrobe. Capacity up to 40 people.

“Sjøstua” is located in the main house and can accommodate 50 people. Here you can light a fire in the fireplace, which makes for a nice atmosphere.

“Furusund” is located in the main house and is a bright and spacious room which is perfect for larger parties.
Here you can choose to sit furthest into the room by the fireplace or use the entire party room for larger events.
Eidene serves food and drink and can promise a lovely meal! Capacity up to 120 people.

“Sjøbua” is located on the water's edge on Eidene beach. With a maritime environment and a beautiful view, you are guaranteed an unforgettable day or evening.
On the menu in Sjøbua Eidene has an barbecue option, cured food or a shrimp dinner. Capacity up to 30 people.

Back to the Viking Age: Eidene lights the fireplace in the middle of the room, light the lanterns and prepares for an unforgettable evening!
In the Viking House you can choose from the 3 course menus; Odin's victory meal, Emblas choice and Viking special. Capacity up to 70 people.

In “Bålstua” you can relax around the campfire and enjoy food and drinks from Eidene's Viking menus. Capacity up to 40 people.

The beach
If you want the party outdoors in a beautiful archipelago environment, Eidene beach is the place! They prepare a large table, and delicious food is served to suit the surroundings.

No matter what your preferences are, Eidene can surely find something to suit both the occasion and the group your event is meant for. Contact Eidene for a no-obligation chat with their booking department!

The Red Cross Center – Eidene delivers catering at the highest standard. They have a broad selection of both warm and cold dishes, with everything from their tapas buffet, a 3-course menu, impressive seafood and much more.

Eides catering menu can be found at their Facebook page – Catering på Eidene Røde Kors Sentrene.

They offer free delivery in Tjøme, and it costs 200 kr to get delivery in Tønsberg.

Red Cross Center – Eidene is owned by the Norwegian Red Cross, and have an important social responsibility. Every time you order food from Eidene, you also contribute to the humanitarian work they do – and you help make a difference.

Source: Visit Tønsberg



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