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Electric city bike rental

Electric bikes with a very low frame, perfect for city cycling but also a great choice for longer trips for people who like to cycle in an upright position. You can rent bikes in Tromsø from Tromsø Outdoor Activity and Rental Centre at Fredrik Langes gate 14.

All-round hybrid bikes with electric motor, max.25 km/h, range of 60-120 km on one charge, depending on the terrain, bike load and amount of support you use.

Bikes are equipped with:
- Mud fenders
- Rear luggage rack
- Stand
- Bike computer
- Hydraulic disc brakes

Included with the rental is also: a helmet, bike lock, repair set with patch kit, necessary keys for adjustments, replacement tube, pump, lights (mounted on the helmet), and reflective vest. We also provide a bike battery charger, should you wish to take one with you for longer trips.

In addition you can rent:
- Bike bags: rear, and for handle bars (handle bar holder follow bags)
- Bike cargo and child trailers - max load on the bike should not exceed 120kg (please note that if you use a trailer the range for one charge will be shorter).
- Afterbike
- Bike racks for tow bars/roof racks
- Hotel delivery/pick up and bike transfer along the coast (for electric bikes only bike return).

Click here for more information and booking.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Electric city bike rental

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