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Ervik Church

Ervik Church is a memorial chapel, in memory of the Coastal Express Ship Sanct Svithun, which was shot down by the British in 1943.

The church is a long brick church with a distinctive onion dome. The church is furnished according to the working church principle with a sliding door at the back of the church hall towards a couple of meeting rooms. The church is furnished with jærstol wooden chairs and, according to the county archive, can seat 75 or 150 people, depending on whether the sliding doors are open or closed. Several items related to the sunken ship are on display in the church building, including a model and the ship's whistle. There is also a memorial plaque with the names of those who died. The anchor was recovered from the wreck in 1996 and is on display outside the church. The churchyard Nobody knows the exact age of the cemetery in Ervik. The Dean Wilhelm Frimann Koren (1801-1891) is said to have discovered that the churchyard was consecrated in about 1550, but the cemetery was in use long before that time. The many and varied gravestones in the cemetery by the sea bear witness to burials from distant times.

Source: Nordfjord


Ervik Church

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