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Escape History Fredriksten - Halden

Escape room Fredriksten, Halden - A room filled with riddles, clues and unique objects you've never seen before.


Escape Room is a room filled with riddles, clues and unique items you've never seen before.

You and up to five others get 60 minutes to put together clues, solve puzzles and find the secret winning code.

If not...

something dramatic will happen.

It requires imagination, strategic thinking and good collaboration to solve the puzzles.

Bring friends, family and colleagues on a unique and exciting experience - Out of the ordinary. 

King Karl XII of Sweeden (1697-1718) is on his way to Fredriksten Fortress to prepare for the Battle of Norway. You are part of a secret group that is planning an attack to stop the king. Find the right sniper and supply him with bullets and gunpowder for the rifle.

Save Norway!

or ..

Help the White Lady looking for her love. She becomes more and more worried that she will not find it. You have to find the man in her life and make her happy!

If not - you will be haunted by her return forever!

Open all days from 14-20.


Welcome to Fredriksten Hotel

Source: Halden Turist


Escape History Fredriksten - Halden

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