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Eventyrfestningen - "The fairy tale fortress"

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About the current performance
In the summer of 2024, the brand new family musical "Oberts Krebs and the Scottish Spies" will be played at Kongsvinger Fortress!

Colonel Krebs has just won the battle of Lier and Matrand, and it must be celebrated! In the middle of the party, there is a sudden knock on the fortress gates. A Scottish theater troupe stands outside seeking shelter for the night. Have they come all this way just to offer the show of the ages, or do they have sinister intentions hidden under their kilts? What is actually hiding buried deep under Kongsvinger fortress? And can Krebs really run away with the lead role during tonight's performance?

More than forty actors and dancers are on stage when the sun sets behind the fortress walls in July. Over 7,000 have seen "Colonel Krebs and the Hunt for the Fortress Sword" in the past three years, and with a new script and brand new music, "Colonel Krebs and the Scottish Spies" is ready to take over the baton. Don't miss another magical performance at Kongsvinger fortress!

• Director: Harald Engan
• Idea and script: Martin Høgberget and Harald Engan
• The performance is produced by Foreningen Eventyrfestningen
• Recommended age limit 5 years.
• Played 5-13 July 2024.

About the association Eventyrfestningen
The association Eventyrfestningen was started in 2018 by 7 zealots, with a vision to develop cultural activities at Kongsvinger fortress. In addition to the performance, we presented a 19th-century universe in the form of the Fortress Village. A number of timely activities take place there before the performances, as well as the sale of food and drink from local suppliers.
Eventyrfestningen is a cultural meeting place in and around Kongsvinger fortress. All our projects include elements from history, which create an understanding of, and care for, our local cultural heritage. The association Eventyrfestningen's vision is to become a beacon within culture, environment and tourism in the Kongsvinger region.

The association's main collaboration partners are Sparebank 1 Østlandet, Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark, Kongsvinger municipality, Innlandet county municipality and Bufdir. The association works closely with Forsvarsbygg, Anno museum, Visit Kongsvingerregionen and Byen Vår, in addition to a wide range of businesses and organizations in the Kongsvinger region.

A strong focus on sustainability
At Eventyrfestningen, we are concerned with climate, environment and sustainability in all processes, both in connection with the planning and implementation of the projects, and through concrete measures that are directly environmentally oriented. That is why Eventyrfestingen has specific sustainability goals and basic environmental values, which are decisive prerequisites in all decisions made.

Our goals are not to use plastic, to focus on short-travel and green food, to minimize the production of materials and to use materials from the region. That is why we have drawn up good agreements with local actors within transport, in addition to materials for costume, scenography and props having a focus on reuse.

Key measures:
• Minimized emissions associated with transport and rigging.
• Good recycling arrangements for renewable materials.
• All food served is bought and prepared locally.
• Locally produced and durable props.
• We work actively to improve the public transport connections.

Read more about Eventyrfestningen's sustainability measures

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Source: Visit Innlandet


Eventyrfestningen - "The fairy tale fortress"

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