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Explore Bergen from the horseback

Experience unique horseback riding in the Bergen mountains, only five minutes from the city.

Only five minutes from the town centre, you can explore Bergen in a remarkable way, with Øvre-Eide Farm’s unique horse riding tours in the scenic mountains surrounding the city. Our four horses, Tia, Lilly, Rosa and Lunar are classic Norwegian breeds; Fjord Horses and Dole Horses. They are ready to take you on an unforgettable trip, where you can enjoy magnificent views from places such as Mount Fløyen. This is an amazing opportunity to see another side of Bergen, hidden from the typical tourist traps. You will experience tranquil nature; brooks, lakes, forests and fresh mountain air!

The tour starts at the farm, where you meet the horses and your guide. We welcome you to help groom and saddle the horses before the trip, but this is of course optional. We ride up the hills of the valley for up to four hours if you would like to go all the way to Mount Fløyen. Our most popular tour is the two-hour trip to “Sandviken Fort” where you can view the harbor of Bergen and the archipelago.

This is a guided tour for beginners to advanced riders, choose the tour that is adapted to your level. For an additional cost we welcome those who haven’t ridden before to ride with an extra guide leading the horse. We ride English style with an English saddle. All participants must wear a helmet, which can be borrowed at the farm. The weight limit for riding is 80 kilos, but we can accept 90 kilos on one of the Dole Horses. The maximum number of participants is three people. The minimum age is 14 years. 

Horse rental per hour NOK 1050
Minimum price (if only one person): NOK 2100
Additional guide per hour NOK 700


To find the best suitable tour, guide and horses, we ask you to please send us the answers to the following questions for all riders – together with the booking inquiry:

How many times have you ridden before?
0 – 5, 6 – 20, 21 -40, 41-60, 61 - 100++

< 40 kg, 40-60 kg, 60-80 kg, 80-90 kg, 90-100 kg, > 100 kg

<150 cm, 150-160 cm, 160-170 cm, 170-180 cm, 180-190 cm, 190-200 cm

Which style have you ridden before?
English, Western, Both

Have you ever ridden without a guide holding the horse? 
Have you ever trotted alone? 
Have you ever been galloping alone?

Before we ride out on the tour, the guide will check that your qualifications match what you have informed us about. This is solely for both your own and the horse's safety. The terrain on parts of the trips can very easily seriously injure the horses if they run out. If the guide finds that the information you have given us is not correct, and you do not have the qualifications needed to ride the scheduled tour, the tour will either be adjusted down with a walking guide (for which you must pay extra), or it will be canceled in its totality. (This decision is entirely up to the guide to make, as it is the guide who is ultimately responsible for the safety.) The pre-agreed price based on the information you gave us in advance will have to be paid anyway. We therefore ask you to be 100% correct in the answers you give us, so that we can give you a fantastic experience adapted to your riding level.

Source: Visit Bergen


Explore Bergen from the horseback

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