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Feigefossen Waterfall

At the south side of Lustrafjorden you will find the magnificent Feigefossen Waterfall. Beautiful, 218 meters tall and one of Norways highest unregulated waterfalls.

The 218 metre high Feigefossen waterfall is in an idyllic setting on the southern side of the Lusterfjord. 

When you get to Skjolden, you must follow the narrow, so-called "romantic road" along the southern shores of the Lusterfjord. You stop by the fjord where the Feigeelva river runs into the fjord and continue on foot up to the waterfall. The path takes you over a hilltop, and suddenly the mighty waterfall comes into view - an almost shocking experience. If you keep on climbing all the way to the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the alpine mountains of Hurrungane to the east.

Wear good shoes and bring something to drink, the trail can be a bit slippery and the hike uphill is not too long, but it is steep.

After a nice hike to Feigefossen Waterfall, visit Feigesagi for a waffle with a great view of the Lustrafjord. Feigesagi is open during summer. 

From Feigefossen Waterfall it is only a short drive to UNESCO Urnes Stave church.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Feigefossen Waterfall

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