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Fishing in Hornindalsvatn lake

At 514 metres, Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake in Europe. No glacier rivers flow into the lake, making it one of the clearest in the Nordic countries.

It has a big population of large trout that eat Arctic char and sticklebacks. A typical freshwater trout is 300-500 grams, and big trout range from 1 to 6 kg, but they can grow much larger. The best time to go fishing is from May until September

The Arctic char in the lake have an average weight of 200 grams and have nice, red flesh. They prefer cold water so are easiest to find in the deepest parts of the lake.

The lake has a lot of eels that weigh 0.5 kg or more. You can fish for eels with worms at depths of 4-6 metres.

Salmon and sea trout migrate up from Eidselva river into the lake, while brown trout also make their way down into river.
Many people fish with a troll line and otter board in Hornindalsvatnet lake. You can hire a boat at Nesjartun Camping.

You can fish with a regular net (31-39 mm) from 15 May to 25 September and with a submerged net (mesh size 31 mm or less) all year. Fishing with a net is prohibited at the mouth and source of the river.

Angling is permitted throughout the year in Hornindalsvatnet lake, except at the mouth and source of the river. Angling is permitted in Storeelva, on the section up to Brattegjølet, at Gausemel/Tomasgard, from 15 March – 30 September.

Fishing with an otter board is permitted from 15 May – 25 September.

A fishing permit costs NOK 200 a year, NOK 100 a week or NOK 30 a day. Children under 16 do not pay.

Fishing permits are sold at Støverstein kiosk, Knausen Hyttegrend, Havila Raftevolds Hotel and at the self-service checkout at Gro-bygget (signposted) in Hornindal, in sports shops at Nordfjordeid, Nesjartun Camping and the Tourist Information. Permit machines for Heggjadalen valley can be found at Heggen bridge and on the border to Møre.

Source: Nordfjord


Fishing in Hornindalsvatn lake

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