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Fishing in the Øyerfjellet mounatins

With over 40 lakes and 100+ kilometres of rivers and streams, Øyerfjellet offer excellent fishing opportunities for the whole family.

Purchase fishing licence for Øyerfjellet at:

Trout, perch, Arctic char, powan, and grayling

Special regulations and quotas:
Fishing rules for Øyerfjellet: 

Rod fishing for children/teenagers is free of charge up to and including the year they turn 18, and does not require fishing licence. Everyone else must purchase a licence before they go fishing.

Cross-boundary lakes are governed by the municipality in which the most stringent rules apply.

The licence does not permit fishing in the Reinsvatnet lake.

No quotas apply. 

Season: 15 May to 5 September.

Gillnetting is not permitted for foreign nationals.

Fishing spots:
The northern end of Våsjøen offers facilities for the disabled, and has floating jetty, rowing boat, BBQ area, woodland shelter, and outside toilet. Boats are also available at Hornsjøen, Goppollvatnet, Lyngen, and Øveråst-vatnet.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Fishing in the Øyerfjellet mounatins

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