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Fishing places in Aremark and Marker

Gjedde fiske

There are many good opportunities for good fishing in Aremark and Marker

(Rødenessjøen, Øymarksjøen and Ara / Aspern)
In the Halden canal, there are a total of 24 fish species, including perch and pike in addition to lake in the winter. The landowners' associations have developed a number of fishing spots along the canal, these are signposted from the national and county roads along the canal.

Fishing guide by boat can be ordered by Reidar Joval tel.93238993 or Hans Lervik tel.91727202. Fishing licenses can be purchased at For more information about the fishing license areas, see

Rental of cabins in the municipalities along the Halden canal, see our page about cabin rentals:  or the campsites in the border region.


Vestfjella is an area west of Ara, Aremark, with 68 fishing lakes of which 35 with trout on a total area of ​​40,000 daa, in other words very high density. Here it is possible to rent cabins and it is adapted for the disabled by some lakes. A printed guide has been made for the area. Every year there is active fish cultivation. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Read more about Vestfjella at


Three ponds located southwest of Aremark. One water has perch and pike, the other two have trout and perch.

Haugtjern and Bergtjern

Two ponds that have both perch and trout located between Damholtet by Øymarksjøen and Strømsfoss by Ara. Fish are released here every year. Fishing licenses can be purchased in self-service boxes by the lakes.

Stora Lee

Stora Lee is a lake on the border between Norway and Sweden. The Norwegian part is located in the municipalities of Aremark and Marker. Stora Lee is a distinct wilderness lake, and you can find your own hidden places throughout the year. Stora Lee has a very varied fishing, with as many as 26 registered fish species. The following species have been registered: Perch, perch, perch, trout, whitefish, herring, rainbow trout, salmon, char, curlew, roach, halibut, bream, oystercatcher, sorghum, tench, woodcock, carp, pike, stonewort, horned owl, white finch, lake, nine-spiked stingray, riverine eye, and eel. However, not all species are equally common, some very rare. There are several options for accommodation around Stora Lee. Stora Lee Camping and Rørvik Camping are good starting points for exciting fishing experiences!

Fishing license

Stora Lee lake association offers fishing licenses for the entire Norwegian part of the lake. Children under 16 fish for free, without a fishing license. see more information and buy fishing licenses at

The west side

The area includes nine lakes, southwest of Øymark. The water has perch and trout. Fishing licenses can be purchased in a self-service box at Halvorsrud Sag (may be outdated info).

Øymark west

The area is located in the northern half of Øymark on the west side of Øymark lake, and includes about 100 lakes where half is cultivated for trout. Fishing licenses can be purchased from Nilsen Sport og Elektrisk tel. 69811144. Here you can also purchase fishing licenses for Kroktjern.


Two lakes with perch, trout and roach located west of Ørje. Fishing licenses can be purchased in a self-service box (may be outdated info).


The lakes are located in Marker and has perch and trout. Fishing licenses can be purchased in a self-service box at the entrance to the road (may be outdated info).

Rødenes east

Many ponds where you can find fish species trout, perch, pike and roach. Several ponds are being cultivated. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Nilsen Sport og Elektrisk tel. 69811144.


Two lakes southeast of Marker where one has perch, while there is pike and roach in the other. There is info about buying a fishing license by the lakes (may be outdated info).

For more information about fishing license regulations, contact the municipalities. There is also a lot of information about fishing licenses, suitable fishing lakes, housing, guides and fish species at

Last updated: 04/08/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Fishing places in Aremark and Marker

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