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Fishing Vikerfjell, Ringerike

Great fishing at Vikerfjell, Ringerike. 39 beautiful mountain lakes is spread out in a great scenery. Easy access.

About Vikerfjell
Vikerfjell is home to 39 spectacular fishing lakes – large as well as small. Some are trout lakes in the open, bare-mountain landscape; others are sheltered lakes in the forest.

Vikerfjell is located in Ringerike municipality, on the western side of Sperillen in Ådal, and is a 1.5-hour drive from Oslo. Follow E16 towards Fagernes until you are 30 km north of Hønefoss. As you reach Ringmoen, follow signs for Viker/Vikerfjell. Choose one of five different forest lanes leading up into the mountain, from Flaskerud in the south to Elsrud/Skarrud in the north. Alternatively, there is a route up from Strømsoddbygda in the west.

General description 
Vikerfjell has an array of mountain and forest lakes, stretching from Flaskerudsetra in the south to Skalerudåsen in the north and Sandvannet in the west. Lake restoration work, led by Vikerfjell Fisk, has been ongoing since 1991. It started with liming and cultivation of 12 lakes, and the remaining have gradually been added. Due to acid precipitation in the 1970s and 80s, most of these lakes had no fish stocks, and 20–30 have been limed regularly since 1985. Today, the trout population is excellent. Several of the lakes also have perch, and a few streams and rivers have become trout spawning grounds.

Fish stocks
In some lakes the trout stock is replenished approx. every two years. Others have strong population growth and require heavy fishing. Catches ranging from 1 to 2.5 kg are not uncommon. In several of the lakes there are red meat as well as white meat trout, and some also have perch.

Location and terrain
Choose between lakes in the forest or all the way up in the bare mountains. Some are within easy reach of the road, whereas others are an hour’s hike away. Lakes requiring fishing permit are, or will be, equipped with sign.
The lakes can be found on Google maps

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fishing Vikerfjell, Ringerike

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