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Fisking i Valdres Fishing License

«Fishing in Valdres» licence
In Valdres, there are more than 3000 waters and lakes as well as a number of rivers and streams. More than 60 small and large waters and rivers are registered in the «Fishing in Valdres» licence. This will give you the perfect opportunity to explore many different fishing locations, in search of you favorite spot. This licence includes waters in all of the 6 municipalities of Valdres.

The licence is valid in the period between 15. June – 15. August, and can be purchased at the tourist offices in Fagernes, Beitostølen and Tyin-Filefjell. Some local tourist businesses as well as sports stores also sell the licence. It can also be puchased online at or via SMS (see for more information).

The licence is for individuals or families for one day, three days, one week or a season. It’s for fishing with rod only, and buyers have to respect the local rules and regulations in the different fishing areas and waters.

If you only choose to fish in one area, you should buy the local fishing licence. This also applies if you wish to fish outside the period that the «Fishing in Valdres» licence is valid.

Other selling points
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Sør- Aurdal
< Intersport Bagn

< Etna Familiecamping
< Joker Etnedal
< COOP Bruflat
< Valdres Høyfjellshotell

< Intersport Fagernes
< Fjellgeita Sport Fagernes
< Inger Helene G-Sport, Fagernes
< Fagernes Campingpark
< Valdres Sport, Leira
< Bjørkestølen Familiecamping
< Fjellbu Landhandel (Joker Tisleidalen)
< Vasetdansen Camping
< Aurdal Fjordcamping og Hytter
< Kiwi Aurdal
< Joker Ranum
< Leira Camping og Hyttesenter
< Fossen Camping
< Langestølen Kolonial

Vestre Slidre
< Vasetsenteret (Joker Vaset)
< Shell Røn
< Sekskanten

Øystre Slidre
< Beitostølen camping
< Sebu bensin
< Intersport Beitostølen

< Bøflaten camping
< Ryfoss bensin
< COOP Vang
< Vang Autoservice
< Intersport Filefjell

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Fisking i Valdres Fishing License

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