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Fitjar tourist information

Get infos on Fitjar and its surroundings at the tourist information.

The Fitjar islands offer unique scenery, and constitute an important resource for the municipality. Because of the special heather moors, proposals have been made to turn the area into a national park. Fitjar consists of a gathering of islands and rocks divided by shallow straits and channels. Traditional shipping routes pass through the area, and the municipality contains several trading posts dating back as far as 1648. The Fitjar islands are a popular boating destination.

During summer, you can visit the touristinformation at the office of Engesund Visningssenter (Fishfarm and Display Center), in the center of Fitjar.

The rest of the year, the tourist information is to be found at the town hall.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Fitjar tourist information

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