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Fjord and glacier tour with guide from Bergen

Fjord and glacier tour with guide from Bergen - Day trip from Bergen where you can experience a fjord cruise, stave church, glaciers and waterfalls.

Jump into a Bergen adventure that mixes serene fjord cruises, stunning viewpoints, and cultural highlights into an unforgettable day.

Starting from Bergen by bus, we’ll navigate through Vikafjell, marveling at its summertime snow. A quick stop at the “Storesvingen” viewpoint offers panoramic views of Vik Village and the Sognefjord, Norway's most majestic fjord.

Next, Vik's ancient Hopperstad Stave Church awaits, with a 30-minute guided tour included. From Vik, you sail to Fjærland across the serene Sognefjord, offering onboard café comforts and breathtaking views.

Explore Fjærland, visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum for interactive glacier and climate insights, and witness the Bøyabreen glacier, part of the vast Jostedalsbreen.

Returning to Bergen, the bus pauses at the Tvindefossen waterfall and briefly stop in Voss, concluding around 20:35 at the Tourist Information Office.

Experience Norway’s finest sights in a day packed with awe-inspiring moments. Ready for an adventure?

Season: May – September

Duration: 13 hours

From NOK 2450

Last updated: 03/13/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Fjord and glacier tour with guide from Bergen

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