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Fjord Cruise & Bike FjordX - Sognefjord

Combine FjordX's guided Viking Battle Cruise with E-bike along the beautiful Sognefjord from Sogndal.

Combine FjordX guided Viking Battle Cruise with a E-bike ride along the beautiful Sognefjord. Guided fjord cruise to Fimreite and E-bike back to Sogndal. Available also for children from 7 yrs

Price included E-Bike and Fjord Cruise

Adults: 749 NOK

Children: 398 NOK

It is possible to combine our Historic Vikingbattle Cruise with a bike ride. During the Viking Age, this was the scenery for the dramatic battle between Magnus Erlingsson and Sverre Sigurdsson, where they fought over the right to be the King of Norway. 5000 soldiers took part in the battle, and 2160 men lost their lives. In more recent history, the largest submarine-hunt in norwegian history took place here during the cold war.

Season: 1st. june - 31st. august

Daily 11:00

Saturday: 13:00 & 15:00

From 5th. july - 15th. august: Daily 11:00 & 13:00

Saturday: 15:00

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Fjord Cruise & Bike FjordX - Sognefjord

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