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Welcome to the floating artistic sauna, Flabellina. You can find us in historic Mjøsvågen; a gem in the Osterfjorden, less than an hour's drive from Bergen.

Combine a warm and pleasant stay in the very special sauna, with a fresh fjord bath in beautiful surroundings with fjord and mountains.

The heat can increase blood circulation and soften muscles and joints. An experience in Flabellina can help to "recharge your batteries", relieve stress and give you a good feeling. The decorations inside and outside, which are inspired by the slugs in the sea, add an extra dimension to the whole experience.

Flabellina is equipped with a Finnish wood-burning stove. The temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees C. We recommend regularly cooling down with either a fresh bath in the sea or a shower (we have a locally produced outdoor shower).

You can use the sauna at dropin (70min) together with others, or you can book as your own group (90min). Book the sauna as a social meeting place with friends, family or for other events (e.g. in connection with work, birthday celebrations, family get-togethers etc.). The sauna has room for up to 8 people (or 10 if you are close friends).

On arrival, you are met by a sauna master, who has heated the sauna in advance and who will show you around. Showers and toilets are available at Den Grøne Fabrikken. We recommend that you bring water. Drink regularly throughout your stay in the sauna.

Book the sauna at least 12 hours in advance and pay online by bank card, Vipps or Paypal. Reserve at

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Bergen


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