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Flatbreen / Supphellebreen

The beautiful walk up to the Flatbreen glacier in Fjærland and the Flatbrehytta cabin takes about 3 hours.

The Flatbreen glacier can be seen from the fjord, and can be reached on foot. The Supphellebreen glacier is the neighbour of the Bøyabreen glacier in Fjærland. On the edge of the main glacier plateau lies the Flatbreen glacier, and only 300 meters from the glacier tongue you will find the Flatbrehytta cabin. This is an ideal place for both starting and ending hikes or skiing trips across the glacier, if you are experienced or join experienced guides. The view from this cabin is breathtaking.
Fjærland Guiding
Join the spectacular hike to the well know Flatbrehytta. Take breathtaking looks from unique viewpoints and listen to the stories of your local guide about the red hut, glacier, the mountains and the people living in Fjærland nowdays.
From Fjærland you drive/walk up the valley of Suphelledalen which is the starting point for the rather steep ascent up to the cabin. It is also possible to continue along the valley of Snauedalen which links the villages of Fjærland and Veitastrond. Here you can see the mountains of Suphellenipa and Kaldakari (1687 metres above sea level). At the bottom of the Supphelledalen valley, in front of the Flatbreen glacier, there is a small glacier also called Supphellebreen. This glacier is at the lowest altitude of all the glaciers in Southern Norway, and is only "kept alive" by ice falling from the glacier Flatbreen above it. The Supphellebreen glacier and the Flatbrehytta cabin are legendary names for all glacier hikers. The late Anders O. Øygard, who built the cabin almost single-handedly, was the best known glacier guide in this area. H.M Queen Sonja has visited the Flatbrehytta several times, the last time was at its' 50th anniversary in 2004.
Duration: 6-7 hours
Distance: 7-8 km
Ascension: 990m
Season: June-September
Level: Medium to hard
Price: 550,- NOK per person

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Flatbreen / Supphellebreen

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