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Flatsteinbu cabin

Flatsteinbu is situated in Oldedalen, on a mountain plateau between the valleys of Kvamsdalen and Brenndalen, close to the edge of Jostedalsbreen's enormous ice cap. Area: Oldedalen valley Type: Hike/walk Classification: Demanding Length: 4.3 km, 4 hours Season: May–October

The trip to Flatsteinbu is a steep summit hike to the plateau between the valleys of Kvamsdalen and Brenndalen, right at the edge of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. In order to get to Flatsteinbu, you first walk up to Kvamssetra summer pasture farm. This is a steep hike, but the decent path makes it easier to climb. From the farmhouse at Kvamssetra, the path flattens out and continues towards Kvamsdalen. It’s a good place to enjoy the view down towards Oldedalen and towards the waterfall in Kvamsdalen valley. The last part of the route can be a bit demanding as you have to walk/climb up the steep part of the mountain. A fixed chain and bolts have been installed on the mountain to make the ascent easier. At the top you’ll find Flatsteinbu cabin and an annex. They are privately owned but open to anyone who wants to use them. The cabin is 19 square meters and easily sleeps 10–12 people on the mezzanine, bunkbeds, and floor. In addition, there is sleeping space for 5-6 people in the annex. Those spending the night pay for accommodation, firewood, and lighting by putting money in the box or making payment to account no. 3770 10 28903. There is also gas heating and cooking facilities.

Flatsteinbu cabin was built in 1969 by some energetic locals – and all the building material had to be carried 1,260 metres above sea level. The cabin was restored and extended in 2005. On the plateau, about ten minutes behind the cabin, is a great vantage point to see Brenndalsbreen glacier and several hundred meters straight down into Brenndalen valley.


Turn off from road Rv60 at Olden and follow the road in towards Briksdalsbreen glacier. The trail up to Flatsteinbu cabin starts at Kvamme at the end of Oldevatnet lake. The trip from Kvamme up to Flatsteinbu takes between 3 and 4 hours and is in relatively steep terrain on a well-marked trail.

Source: Nordfjord


Flatsteinbu cabin

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