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Float sauna


Enjoy peace and well-being in beautiful surroundings by the sea.

Bring your family and friends for a sauna experience!

In a hectic world that is constantly moving, FLOAT sauna see the value of silence, relaxation and renewal. Float sauna does not only offer a sauna experience, but wish to create a break from everyday stress, and want you to rediscover the balance in life.

The modern sauna has space for up to 10-12 people, and is located in beautiful surroundings on Granholmen in Sandefjord. The sauna also contains a changing room, and you can connect to your favorite music through the stereo system via Bluetooth. The sauna stove is electric, and is kept warm at all times. You can adjust the temperature yourself to your desired needs when you arrive.

Bring your family and friends for a relaxing sauna experience. Float sauna offers private sauna and communal sauna. When booking a private sauna, you get the whole sauna to yourself. In the communal sauna, you book for the number of people who will be there. Community saunas give you the opportunity to create a community and share the unique experience with others. 


You rent the sauna for 2 hours, private or shared. When you book, you choose the desired time and pay with Vipps or card. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email with confirmation and a code for the sauna that you use to lock yourself in.

Booking, prices and opening times can be found at

Source: Visit Vestfold


Float sauna


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