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Søndre Land

Fluberg church

About Fluberg kirke
Fluberg church is a notched cross church from 1703 with a tower in the West and a sacristy North of the quire. The church has gone through multiple changes and in 1923 the interior furnishings was restored and partially brought back.

The main chamber is richly decorated. The pulpit modelled by Lars Borgdates back to 1702 and he also created the choir booths which sports King Fredrik IV's king-monogram. The baptismal font from 1721 depicts an angel carrying an elaborately decorated basin.  Lars Pinnerud cut the altar slate in 1751 and its picture painted by Eggert Munch depicts "the removal from the cross". In the choir you will find various paintings of several Danish-Norwegian kings and priests from the 17th and 18th century as well as a epitaph from 1765 dedicated to Christian Ancher.

Skrevet av: Riksantikvaren, Hovedkontor
Kilder: Storsletten, O. (2008) Kirker i Norge bn. 5. Oslo

Source: Visit Innlandet


Fluberg church

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