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Fossheim Hotel | Restaurant


The restaurant at Fossheim hotel in Lom is known as one of Norways best hotel kitchens.

Fossheim hotel is well known for it's cuisine that has been developed over many years, with Norwegian tradition and good produce at its heart.

At Fossheim they work to keep the old cooking traditions alive, and keeps serving the guests various menus ranging from simple dishes to a long wine list. The Herb Garden is our outside area.

You might sense a tempting fragrance from the kitchen, alluring you down to the dining room. Ever since 1978 when Svein Garmo took over the hotell from his brother, the main focus has been food and the use of local ingredients.

Together with the famous norwegian chef, Arne Brimi that started his career in the kitchen, they built what is known as one of Norways best hotel kitchens. We are interested in using as much local producers and ingredients as possible, and to harvest from our surroundings. 

The dining room is open for breakfast both for our guests at the hotel but also for those that don`t stay here. You can also make your own sandwich to go, just give a wink to our breakfast staff and they will give you what you need of wrapping and will fill up your thermos. Weather permitting, it is open for light meals, salads or something sweet. How about a glass of rosé wine whilst enjoying the sunset over Skim? Open daily 13.00 – 22.00 during the season.

Enjoy your meal! 

The staff hope that you will have the feeling that you are visiting their home. 

Food and drink menu

Source: Visit Jotunheimen AS


Fossheim Hotel | Restaurant


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