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Frogner Manor House

Manor in the Frogner Park, and part of Museum of Oslo. This summer you can explore beautiful Frogner Manor by yourself, or join one of their guided tours.

Open house: Tuesday–Saturday at 12–3pm (2 July–13 August)

Guided tours: Sundays at 11am in July

Frogner Manor House has beautiful interiors from 1750-1900. Among the attractions are Bernt Anker's ballroom (from the 1790s), Asta Nørregaard portraits and many landscape photos from Christiania (Oslo) in the 1800s.

The museum has been located in Frogner Manor House since 1905.
The Municipality of Oslo bought the manor in 1909.

Norwegian name: Frogner hovedgård

Source: VisitOSLO as


Frogner Manor House

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