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From The Bolder - Preikestolen Basecamp

The hike from the unique cabins The Bolder to Preikestolen Basecamp provide you with a fantastic view of the majestic Lysefjord.

Park at The Bolder Skylodges at Høllesliheia, around 10 km and 10 min. drive from Jørpeland.

The trail stays very close to the Lysefjord, following edges, ledges and cliff sides, all to provide you with the best panoramic fjord vistas Norway has to offer. One of the highlights is the “infinity pool” “Fantapytten”.

A demanding, but rewarding hike. The total distance is ca 18 km, but it is recommended to hike one way. You can also hike from Preikestolen Basecamp to the Bolder.

The hike is part of “Lysefjorden Rundt”.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


From The Bolder - Preikestolen Basecamp

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