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Gallery Merleyn

Experience the magic of art in the heart of Fyresdal! Visit Merleyn, a charming gift shop and gallery where artist Judith van Driel creates soulful works.

In the heart of idyllic Folkestadbyen, the center of Fyresdal, a captivating store exuding artistic charm awaits. Gallery and gift shop Merleyn, led by artist Judith van Driel, invites you to a unique experience in an old, homely house.

Explore the artist's world in Merleyn
It's more than just a store; it's a soulful studio. As you wander through various rooms, observe artist Judith van Driel at work. The surrounding artworks are deep, interesting, and therapeutic, a mysterious exploration of emotions on canvas.

The experience at Merleyn resonates deep within. The artist uniquely conveys emotions through her work, making each visit a journey through her distinctive artistic expression.

If you seek the extraordinary, Merleyn Gallery is the place to be. The store offers a chance to discover standout art and crafts, created with love and passion.

Opening hours and contact information
Merleyn is open throughout the summer season. Outside the season, there are no fixed opening hours, but Judith is present almost every day. Look for the sign and flag indicating the store is open. To confirm opening hours or arrange a visit, message Judith at tel.: 91641202.

Charming Apartment Rental
In addition to the art store, Merleyn rents a delightful apartment just outside the center through AirBnB and

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Gallery Merleyn

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