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Garvikstrondi Camping

Garkvikstrondi Camping

Garvikstrondi Camping is a 4-star camping suited for families (NAF standard) that lies in beautiful surroundings west of the lake in Seljord. The camping lies close to the water and thus if you dare bathe together with the sea worm nearby, we have a bathing beach and activities for both young and old.

Garvikstrondi is a four-star camping area with a beatiful beach on the west side of Seljord Lake. The grounds are wonderfully suited for children and the swimming is great. The staff at Garvikstrondi can help you with sportsfishing and suggestions for hiking in the area. The rental cabins have excellant standards.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Vest Telemark

Garvikstrondi Camping

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