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Gateway to Northern Norway - souvenir shop & fast food

Begin your journey through Helgeland with a good meal and a visit to the shop that has everything you need for the adventures awaiting you in Northern Norway.

The Gateway to Northern Norway is a well-known landmark marking your entry into Helgeland and Northern Norway. Here you’ll find a large and beautiful rest area, food service, and a well-stocked shop offering souvenirs, clothing, and outdoor equipment. In other words, it’s the perfect stopping point to prepare for the adventures awaiting you in the land of the Northern Lights! Shop with souvenirs, clothes, and outdoor gear The Gateway to Northern Norway features a large shop with a wide selection of quality souvenirs. Here you’ll find everything from teddy bears, postcards, and books to reindeer skins, Sami art and crafts, and jewelry. This is also a great stop for assistance with clothing and outdoor gear for the adventures ahead. The Gateway to Northern Norway has everything you need in terms of warm clothing like hats, buffs, and gloves, as well as equipment such as maps, headlamps, backpacks, seat pads, hiking books, food containers, travel mugs, thermoses, excellent hiking knives, and much more. If you’re heading out into the beautiful nature of Helgeland, it’s beneficial to take this opportunity to ensure you have everything you need. Fast food and rest stop The gateway to Northern Norway also has a good roadside kitchen with grilled food, drinks, and especially delicious ice cream for dessert. And outside, they have a spacious rest area where you can enjoy your meal and recharge before continuing your journey. Just north of the gateway to Northern Norway are also two of the entrances to Børgefjell National Park, and the gateway is a natural stopping point for those who want to hike there.

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Gateway to Northern Norway - souvenir shop & fast food

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