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Granavollen Roundtrip - south (32 km)

A nice day trip over small country roads through the most beautiful cultural landscape Hadeland can offer!

• Level: Easy
• Distance: 32 km
• Altitude: Approximately 600m
• Surface: Asphalt and gravel

Tour description​​​​ and experiences along the way
A nice day trip with starting point in accommodation / start at Granavollen. The route leads past Sløvika camping and can therefore also be started from there.
The trip mainly goes over small and cozy roads on asphalt and gravel. There are few cafes or shops along the way, so bring packed lunches and drinks and enjoy the most beautiful landscape Hadeland has to offer.

At Sløvika camping there is a kiosk and the possibility of a swim in the Randsfjorden before you make your way back to Granavollen. On the Granavollen itself, there is much to experience in the summer: The sister churches are open for visits, the Glasslåven welcomes visitors and the Tent House is open to those who want to learn a little more about Hadeland's history. Dinner options can be found at one of the 3 hotels located on Granavollen. You can of course also spend the night here.

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Recommended cycling holidays over several days

Mini cycling holiday with 2 nights
Start: Granavolden Gjæstgiveri / Sanner Hotell / Hotell Hadeland

Day 1:
• Arrival at Granavollen
• The trip as described above
• Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 2:
• Cycle tour to Røykenvik (cycle tour no. 8 on the cycle map - 26 km)
• On the way you stop for a visit to the Hadeland folk museum and Tingelstad church.
• You can eat lunch at Lokkstallen in Røykenvik.
• Accommodation at the same hotel as day 1

Day 3:
• Check out and go home.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Granavollen Roundtrip - south (32 km)

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