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Gudbrand go - Tour tips in Aremark with trim points

Gudbrand Go is a fitness competition in Aremark.

Gudbrand Go, is an excercise competition based on some of the tour suggestions from the book "På tur i Aremark". The points system and the competition are good motivations for getting out into nature.

What you need to participate is a smartphone where you download the app "trimpoeng". When you start the trip, you turn on GPS (position) on the phone, select the destination, and you get a map and a short description of the starting point. When you get within the radius of the destination, press "check in", and you get the number of points that the trip gives.

Read more about how to register and how this works on the competition's website.

It is completely free to participate.

You choose the destinations yourself, and do not have to go all trips. You go on the ones you want and as many times as you want. But it must have taken 8 hours before you can check in at the same destination. Prizes will be drawn among those who have participated.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Gudbrand go - Tour tips in Aremark with trim points

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