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Guided kayaking in Ålesund

Join one of our guides on a kayak trip through Brosundet, learn about the city, the Judgen style and coastal life around Ålesund.

This tour is suitable for couples, families and visitors who want an active experience in Ålesund.

We start the trip in the middle of the center of Ålesund. Here you meet the guide, and receive an introduction of the use of kayaks and a safety brief. There is something special about gliding silently over the water, only propelled forward by your own arm strength and technique.

With Ålesund as a starting point, we are sheltered from the wind, with protection from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean between Jugendhus and Brosundet streets. The guide will keep you safe and tell Ålesund's history during the trip.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Guided kayaking in Ålesund

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