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Haneborg farm (Tomtermais)

Only a 7 min drive from Drøbak city center you will find Haneborg farm, a cosy farmshop with more than 50 different vegetables grown on the fields surrounding the farm and self-picking in season.

We also sell other local eatable like jam, egg, different beverages and organic meat to name some. We also have about 12 different vegetables for self-picking, so bring your family and friends to a farmvisit.

Opening hours

Read more about the opening hours here. 

Self-picking in season

We are known for our sweet corn, but we also have beans, gherkin, beets, onion, carrots and sunflower to name some. The season for harvest depends on the vegetables but we start for late july with gherkin and our corn from mid-august. Check out our webpage for more info.


The vegetables in the farmshop reflects the seasons and we are proud to offer a wide range of Norwegian vegetable production. Early summer offers the first salads and radish, before the shop is filled with a bountiful diversity the season offers. In our greenhouses the tomatoes get ripe and blush on the plant, while the snack-cucumber are popular in all age groups. The whole winter provides us with good storage vegetables like onion, kale, beets and other root veggies. If you eat what’s in season, you can be sure of the best quality.

About Haneborg

Ole Martin is the third-generation farmer at Haneborg and has ever since the took over the farm in 1995, had a wish to have a close dialog with the customer. He started small, with just 4 acres of corn and sold it from the garage. This has developed to the concept we have today with visitors from all of the east-part of Norway. All the vegetables are harvested by and we don’t use pesticide in our production. Welcome to a unique farmvisit!

Read more about the farm shop at Tomtermais here. 

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Haneborg farm (Tomtermais)

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