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Harstad brewery

We think it is very pleasant to showcase brewery and proselytize about the beer's lovely world. By agreement, we can have brewery tour with subsequent beer tasting. When we look at how we brews beer and how the different ingredients affect the beer's appearance, taste and aroma.

We can fill our bags with beer and come visit you. Then there will be a slightly different arrangement, but the presentation of the brewery and beer tasting.

The brewery is our declaration of love for good beer and good tasting. We brew beer in both English and Belgian style, with some American inspiration on top. Our brewery is a traditional English brew house where we only use whole hops flowers for best taste and aroma. Our English yeast is sourced in Yorkshire and thrive best in open fermentation tanks. We do not like to remove taste from beer, so it is not filtered. It will therefore be precipitate in the bottle which can often be left in the bottle when bestows. Beer best enjoyed in glass.

Source: Destination Harstad


Harstad brewery

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