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Harstad Taxi

In terms of accessibility, transportation and price we are certain to have the best offer for passenger transportation in Harstad and the surrounding areas. Travel with Harstad taxi up to one of the viewpoints in the region, or get a guided tour of Harstad city with one of our knowledgeable drivers.

In terms of accessibility, transportation and price we are certain to have the best offer for passenger transportation in Harstad and the surrounding areas.

Harstad Taxi carries out transportation for private, business, public and municipal agencies ++, and offers everything from airport taxi, maxi taxi, patient transport, school driving and more.

The company is owned by taxi owners in Harstad. Our main task is to be the coordinating agency for the taxi industry in the Harstad region, and the contact point for our customers. We run our own booking service and transport about 250,000 people annually.

Our cars
We have 26 cars including 2 maxi taxi (which can transport disabled people/people in wheelchairs) and offer all types of passenger and freight services: Taxi and package transport, Maxi taxi and VIP taxi, airport taxi with station wagons, School shuttle, Patient transportation, Transport services for disabled people.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security in our Cars is Priority No. 1 for us at Harstad Taxi! As a customer, you shall feel safe when you are a passenger in one of our cars, including the smallest. We have all types of approved child seats and pillows. All our cars are approved annually. If you need other types of security for your travel with us, don’t hesitate to call or send us an email, we wish to help you as good as possible.

Professional and safe drivers
We demand high standards of our drivers, who will provide the services to you, by continuously educate drivers and taxi owners further. The taxi drivers are all specialists in their field, and will all follow the wishes of the customer in the best way possible. They will always treat you with respect and your luggage with the necessary care, and they will drive efficiently and considerably in traffic. You will feel safe with us.

Quality at all levels
Harstad Taxi is a company that will provide quality service at all levels 24 hours a day. The first interaction you have with us will be with the call centre employees, who work professionally, and will ensure that your wishes are processed quickly and efficiently.

Airport taxi
Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes.
We offer a connecting service of up to 3 people each way between Harstad and Evenes Airport. This ensures a comfortable and affordable transport solution from door to door. More information can be found on our website: or contact us by phone: +47 77 04 10 20.

Transportation of groups and teams up to 16 people
We offer transportation for groups or teams traveling in our region. Call or email us about prices and conditions.

Package transportation
Sometimes it is urgent to deliver packages. Our package delivery service is safe, secure and fast. We provide you with a full overview of costs in a detailed invoice. Contact us by phone: +47 77 04 10 00 for more information.

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Harstad Taxi

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