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Hike to Botnabreen glacier

Hike to Botnabrea glacier.


Nordrepollen, Mauranger


Folgefonna National Park

Start and stopping point

Jukla Power Plant


From Nordrepollen on a paved and secured utility road to a large parking lot by Jukla Power Plant.


Information Board by the starting point. No markings.


Blue Moderate hike, two boots according to the DNT system.

Difference in altitude

740 - -1100m AMSL

Estimated Time

3 hours round trip

Recommended advice

When the water flow is high, the streams by Lake Botnatjørna can be difficult to cross without rubber boots.


The car ride along Maurangerfjorden and the construction road to the mountains are an experience in themselves. The road is paved and is well secured. NVE's development of the waterways in the Mauranger mountains is considered the most challenging that has ever been performed in Norway. From the parking lot past the road barricade and continue on the gravel road to Lake Botnatjørna.

From the exit just past the dam, you may go down to the flat area and then cross the streams on the north side of Lake Botnatjørna. Follow the east side of Lake Botnatjørna to the path going northeast and go into Botnane. This area is like a classroom for education regarding how the glaciers affect the landscape, with deposits and moraine ridges, and a carpet of moss that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Then continue up the hill towards the north on loose gravel and rocks until you reach a defined ravine. Here you will find a so called "throw-on cairn", meaning that everyone who passes by here throws on a rock. From the ravine you will come down into the valley that leads to Botnabrea Glacier.

To get onto the glacier, you need to have the necessary equipment and experience. A satisfactory alternative could be a walk in the mountains along the south side of the glacier. Here you will find many extraordinarily beautiful and varied ice and rock formations.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Botnabreen glacier

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