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Hike to Hananipa in Vaksdal municipality, east of Bergen

See the panoramic view of the fjord and mountains from Hananipa. The hike starts at Trengereid, 20 minutes by train from Bergen and takes around 5 hours in total.

How to get to Trengereid:

You can either take the train or drive from Bergen to Trengereid.
The train from Bergen to Trengereid takes just under 20 minutes. You can take all trains going to Oslo, Voss or Myrdal.

If you have a car, the drive from Bergen to Trengereid train station will take you about 40 minutes. We recommend that you park at the train station.

Altitude: approx. 720 meters
Length: 7.5 kilometers one way, approx. 15 km round trip
Time: About 5 hours
Rating: Medium
Terrain: Uneven and rocky. Partly wet soil/bog


From Trengereid the hike takes about 5 hours in totalt.

From Trengereid train station:

From Trengereid station, follow Skulstadvegen up to Skulstadvatnet (Skulstad lake). It is approx. 3.5 km from Trengereid station up to Skulstadvatnet, and the walk (along the road) takes just over half an hour.

The hike from Skulstadvatnet:

At Skulstadvatnet, the trail starts up to Hananipa, about 718 meters above sea level. The hiking trail is easy to spot and easy to follow. As the trail traverses farmland, it's crucial that everyone remember to close the gates after passing through!

The hike to the top is around 4 kilometers, in relatively easy terrain. The climb is almost 350 meters, so make sure you do not set off to fast. The terrain can be a bit reminiscent of Hobbit land if you are familiar with The Lord of the Rings. Along the way you might meet more sheep than fellow hikers.

From the top of Hananipa you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of Vaksdal and Osterøy, the dark blue Sørfjord far down below, and the mountain tops Gullfjelltoppen, Tveitakvitingen and Fuglafjellet. When you get tired of the view (if that is possible…) you can take the same trail back down. 

Weather and Conditions:

During winter, it is advisable to wear spikes on your shoes or snowshoes for the hike. In foggy and heavy snowfall conditions, there are several difficult sections that can be critical, and the weather can change rapidly. Therefore, we recommend this hike only during the summer months from mid-April onwards.


Make sure you pack all garbage in your backpack. Avoid littering along the trail or hiding it under rocks. We all wish to preserve the beautiful and pristine nature for everyone's enjoyment. Read our 10 practical tips for hiking in Norway here.

Experience Hananipa with your own mountain guide:

Going on a trip with a local guide provides both security and an extra dimension to the hike. The guide often shares fascinating local history and of course has in-depth knowledge of the route and the most memorable places you don't want to miss. Read more about Norway Mountain Guides here.

Last updated: 03/04/2024

Source: Visit Bergen

Hike to Hananipa in Vaksdal municipality, east of Bergen

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