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Hike to Hovdungo, Undredal

About 740 meters above Undredal lies the disused støl Hovdungo, looking out over the Aurlandsfjord

There is a good path up to Hovdungo, but some places it is often very steep. Especially in the beginning. Would not recommend the trip if it has rained a lot. The reward is a fantastic view towards Skjerdal and the mountains above and the beautiful fjord. The path continues up to a cabin, approx. 1000 m. It can be rented at Search for "Eagle's Nest".

Important information about the trip

It is a Challenging hike

Distance: 8.2 km

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

1,667 meters in total

Season: May - Sep

Arrival by own car

In Undredal there may be little opportunity for parking. It is therefore recommended to park in the large turning area just before the 30-zone Down to the centre. From there you walk approx. 1 km until you see a road on the left. This is the sign "Hjødna bustadfelt". Follow this all the way to a small yellow house on the right. Then continue around the bend to the left. Then you will see where the path starts.

Arrival by public transport

Public transport to Undredal is very poor. There is a bus in the middle of the day from Aurland or Flåm. See You can take a train to Flåm if you are coming from a long way.

The Norwegian right to roam

The right to roam applies to open country, sometimes also known as "unfenced land", which is land that is not cultivated. In Norway, the term covers most shores, bogs, forests, and mountains. Small islands of uncultivated land within cultivated land are not regarded as open country.

The right does not apply to “fenced land”, which is private, and includes cultivated land, such as ploughed fields with or without crops, meadows, pastures and gardens, as well as young plantations, building plots and industrial areas.

However, you can access fields and meadows from 15 October to 30 April when the ground is frozen or covered with snow. Note that “fenced land” does not need to actually be fenced.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Hike to Hovdungo, Undredal

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