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Hike to Kalkestasjonen (The Lime Station)

A short hike on forest road. The trip ends at the lime station. Here there are tables where you can have a picnic.




Folgefonna National Park

Start and stopping point

Upper Haugland, at the bridge that crosses the Uskedalselva river.


From highway 48, follow the sign and turn towards Musland. After approx. 4 km, there is a parking lot by the bridge that crosses the Uskedalselva river to the right towards the forest road.


There are signs and an information board by the parking lot. There are some T's along the forest road.


Green. Suited for baby carriages, bikes and motorized wheelchairs.

Difference in altitude

80 - 100m AMSL

Estimated Time

1,5 hours round trip

Recommended advice

If you wish to combine the hike to the lime station with a hike over terrain, you may follow the path to Ulvanoso 100 meters until you get to the path coming from Døssland. Go over the bridge and there is an easy hike through the valley to the road 100 meters up from the sports stadium. The round trip is not suited for baby carriages and wheelchairs.


Cross the bridge and follow the forest road to the left. After approx. 1 km, you will reach the lime station owned by Uskedalen River Proprietor Organization. This is the stopping point of the hike. There are tables at the lime station where you can have a picnic.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Kalkestasjonen (The Lime Station)

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