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Hike to Ovriseggi, Vik

Wonderful hike for the whole family to Ovriseggi on Vikafjellet Mountain with a view of the fjord village of Vik

Hike to Ovriseggi on Vikafjellet Mountain with a view of the village Vik

The tour starts at the car park at the tunnel opening on the north side. A small detour up from Riksvegen, up to a spacious car park, 895 m above sea level.

As of today, the path is only sporadically marked, but is mostly easy to find. The trip goes north along the path. In a couple of places, one should be careful about going out onto the slope on the east side. You have a good view of Bødalen on the west side and Ovrisdalen on the east side. From the highest point, Daurmålshaugen 935 m above sea level, you will have an amazing view down to the fjord and Vik Centre.

Get out, bring the whole family and enjoy this beautiful trip with views over the whole of Vik and the mighty Sognefjord.

About the trip

Moderately demanding hike

Length: 7.4 km

Time: 2.5 hours

243 meters in height in total

Season: April to November

Check for a bus connection from Vik Sentrum to the car park at the tunnel opening at Vikafjellet.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Hike to Ovriseggi, Vik

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