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Hike up Lyderhorn - one of Bergen's seven mountains

Lyderhorn, the westernmost among Bergen's seven mountains, stands at a height of 396 meters, offering beautiful views of both the city fjord and the open sea.

There are many hiking trails up Lyderhorn. The route we suggest here is the most popular and starts in Gravdal near Gravdalsbakken. 

Kvarven fortress 

If you choose to start the hike in Gravdal, you will pass Kvarven Fort, one of Bergen's former fortifications. The fort was completed in 1899 and closed in 1961. Today, Kvarven Fort is an open-air area with war memorials and good viewpoints. A cannon still stands at one of the gun emplacements, and down by the sea are the remains of the old torpedo battery. Despite many bunkers being sealed off for security reasons, it remains a pleasant area to stroll through.

Public transport 

To get to Gravdal, you can take bus number 6 to Lyderhornsveien and walk for about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can change to bus 44, which goes to Gravdal bus stop. Check for current schedules. 


You can park at the parking lot in Gravdalsbakken near the barrier or along the road. 

Starting point 

From the Lyngbø bus stop, cross the road and follow Gravdalsveien. Continue on the same road past the commander's residence in Gravdal. From here, continue on the asphalt road that winds its way up towards the forest. There is an information board at the start of the hike. 

Hiking up Lyderhorn 

From the information board, continue on the asphalt road into the forest, passing several former military installations. At the end of the road, turn right and you'll come to a staircase leading down to the Skålevik lakes. Note: swimming is not allowed here as it is a drinking water source. The trail runs south along the west side of the lake. The terrain is easy until it steepens relatively towards the top. 

At the summit, you'll have great views in all directions, towards the other six city mountains, the city fjord, and towards the open sea. 

For the descent, you can choose to follow the same route (recommended if you have a car) or one of the other signposted trails. If you came by bus, you can choose to take the trail down to Banuren, which heads northeast towards Banurveien. From there, it's about a 15-minute walk to the Lyngbø bus stop, where several buses return to the city center. 


The hike from Gravdal to the top of Lyderhorn is about 3.6 kilometers and takes around 1.5 hours to complete. Round trip, you should allow for 3 hours (excluding breaks) and approximately 7.3 kilometers. The hike is accessible year-round, but the most enjoyable experience is typically from April to October, as frost during winter months can make the path slippery and you will need to wear spikes. The hike to Lyderhorn is suitable for all ages and is a great excursion. 

Note: The trail leading to the Kvarven outdoor area is universally designed for accessibility. While the entire road to Kvarven is paved, please take into account that some sections feature steep inclines. Additionally, one of the bunkers along the trail is disability-friendly.

Source: Visit Bergen


Hike up Lyderhorn - one of Bergen's seven mountains

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