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Hiking to Sølvsberget Granavollen

From Granavollen to Sølvsberget

From Granavollen, the route leads via Gran Prestegårdshage (rectory garden), follows tracks and narrow lanes through a slightly hilly terrain, and continues uphill along a tractor track to the top of the Sølvsberget peak.

Start by the churches, and follow the sign for Steinhuset down Pilgutua. Then follow the trail through Gran Prestegårdshage. Exit the garden by the rectory’s storehouse in the north-westerly corner. From here, follow the trail across pastures, where you may encounter grazing animals. Continue along old narrow lanes, across Fortenveien, and past Lundegårdene. By the remains of the big spruce “Storgrana”, which came down during the hurricane Dagmar, turn right towards Sølvsberget. Then follow the tractor track to the top of Sølvsberget. Enjoy the beautiful views. You will also find traces of an old fortification. Both seating and toilet facilities can be found at the top. The northernmost part of the peak offers a spectacular panorama to the north and west.

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Tips: Before you head off, take a look around Granavollen with its Sister Churches, the runic stone, Vinje’s final resting place, Glasslåven  art centre, and Telthuset regimental arsenal building.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Hiking to Sølvsberget Granavollen

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