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Øystre Slidre

Hiking tour from Valdresflye to Bygdin

This is a hike in our green mobility concept, which is easily combined with public transportation. You can take the bus from Fagernes or Beitostølen (summer service) to the starting point at Flye1389 and back from Bygdin Fjellhotel

The trail starts at the top of Valdresflye, on the opposite side of the road from the cafe Flye1389. A few meters later the trail splits; the trail straight ahead leads to Rasletinden, while the trail to Bygdin and Torfinnsbu takes off slightly to the left. Follow the T-marked trail across Valdresflye and slightly downhill towards Breidløypa, where the path towards Torfinnsbu turns off to the right, while you will follow the left-hand trail that continues towards Bygdin. The path is ocverall fairly easy to walk and easy to follow but may have wet sections after heavy rainfall. North-east of Synsbekknuppane the trail splits again, in an "invisible" parting of the trail. Here you follow the clear trail that leads to the left into Fagerdalen. 

(The DNT trail towards Bygdin, which continues straight ahead, simply disappears for a short distance over a small hill. A little later, as you enter Fagerdalen, you can see it again, winding down the hill further down. One can theoretically follow this trail all the way to Bygdin, however, the last three kilometers of this trail is on a gravel road closed to traffic, and we think the route through Fagerdalen is a good deal nicer.)

The trail through Fagerdalen is clear, nice and easy to walk. There are good swimming opportunities along the north bank of Heimre Fagerdalstjernet. At the valley mouth, in the saddle between Mefjellet (on the right) and Synshorn (straight ahead) you meet the trail that comes down from the latter and you follow this down the somewhat steep hill to Fagerstrand near Bygdin. To get to the hotel, follow the track over the dam by the boat jetty. At the hotel, you can get delicious food, waffles and coffee, while you wait for the bus back to Beitostølen or Fagernes.

Distance: approx. 13,2 km one way 
Duration: approx. 4 hours 
Elevation difference:  approx. 480m down, approx. 150m up   
GPS-coordinates starting point 32v 489937 6806235   

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Hiking tour from Valdresflye to Bygdin

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